Keep up to date with the latest news, updates and announcements from the NZ Mega 2020 team. These are listed in reverse chronological order with the most recent news items at the top.

Vaccine Pass Requirement

29 December 2021

New Zealand is currently operating under a new Traffic Light system framework of restrictions to manage the COVID-19 pandemic.

Auckland is expected to be in "orange" status at the time of the event. Under "orange", all events and gatherings are limited to 50 people unless Vaccine Passes are required for entry, in which case there is no limit. It is clear therefore that the mega event can only take place with Vaccine Passes being required for entry.

As much as is practicable, those without Vaccine Passes will be accomodated in terms of being able to receive their supporter pack, sign the log and log attendance of the event, but they will need to be restricted from entering the venue, or otherwise the whole event would need to be cancelled. It's a compromise we didn't want to make, but we are forced to in order to have an event at all.

We appreciate everyone's understanding and patience.

Change of Venue

28 December 2021

Well we all know the story by now, with COVID-19 still hanging around like a bad smell and still generally causing mayhem.

The NZ Mega team had to make the decision to scale back the scope fo the event, in order to be able to manage any further risk of wasted effort.

As part of that, the decision was made to cancel the booking with the original venue. And today, the new venue for the simplified event was confirmed.

The event will now take place on January 22, 2022, at the Alfriston Hall at 300 Mill Road, Alfriston. The coordinates have been updated on the cache page.

Merry Xmas from the NZ Mega Team!

22 December 2020

It's that time of year again - it seems an absolute age since last Christmas, with everything that has happened this year. But Santa is getting ready to do the rounds and the holiday season is about to get underway.

So take care out there everyone, look after each other and keep safe.

In this newsletter we put the call out for fundraising suggestions from the community and offer some holiday season geocaching travel suggestions, courtesy of our geo-vlogging friends GeoRick - Rick and Lynne.

It's News-vember!

24 November 2020

Well, 2020 sure has been a year! We're looking forward to seeing that last digit tick over and head into 2021, but for now we are looking forward to Christmas.

In this edition of the newsletter we have some great suggestions for geo-gifts for your geo-friends and loved ones - some great geocaching stocking fillers.

We also bring you a new section we might repeat in future newsletters where we highlight a great area to go geocaching near Auckland - in this edition we introduce you to Tawharanui Regional Park, a beautiful spot about an hour north of Auckland.

We've also got a short Covid update, and as with all of our newsletters, keep an eye out for hidden trackable codes and discover them on the website to go in a special prize draw at the Mega next year!