Keep up to date with the latest news, updates and announcements from the NZ Mega 2020 team. These are listed in reverse chronological order with the most recent news items at the top.

About Time for Another Newsletter!

30 August 2020

It has been an interesting few months and continues to be so, but after a bit of a break we're back with another newsletter for your eyeballs!

In this edition, we announce some new plans for Labour Weekend 2020, to replace the postponed mega event, so if you're in Auckland for the weekend there will be some fun stuff happening in the form of a CITO, a Community Celebration and an Event.

We also show off the new fundraising pathtags, available now in the online store - get yours now while we've still got some. They come in 3 packs and stocks are limited!

There's also a call to arms for the geocaching community to help spread the word and the need to support the mega organisers with merchandise and supporter pack purchases - remember it all comes back to you in the form of a great event!

NEW Fundraising Pathtag!

10 August 2020

Yes, you read that right. We're all dealing with what is billed as the "new normal", with the COVID-19 pandemic yet to be fully under control around the world. But in the meantime we haven't been sitting on our hands here at NZ Mega HQ, no way...

We've got a new fundraising pathtag available and it's on the store ready and waiting to ship out to you!

This pathtag comes with a message for our geocaching community too - because we are not ready to accept the "new normal", and we want to kick COVID-19 off the planet. So join us, and let's kick COVID so we can celebrate NZ Mega 2020 in 2021.

Also, don't forget that if you're getting your own pathtags minted, you can get them made with the NZ Mega 2020 back, and enter them into our pathtag design competition.

Newsletter #9

01 June 2020

New Zealand's lock down to contain COVID-19 has been relaxed and while we are all still being careful, limiting contact with others and practising social distancing, limits on public gatherings have been lifted to 100 people, and as such, geocaching events can now go ahead. So in this newsletter we talk about the upcoming GC45 slightly belated 20th birthday party.

We've also got an update on the event programme, at least a draft schedule is in place to help you out with planning of your Mega weekend, as our countdown once again approaches 500 days to go.

Also hot off the press, we have another NZ Mega 2020 fundraising pathtag in the works, and we will be posting more about this as it happens, but the design is confirmed and the tag will shortly go into production.

And finally, we look back over some of the cool stuff that has been recently beaming its way into your computers and phones on the YouTubes.

Newsletter #8 - GC45's 20th Birthday!

12 May 2020

Well it was 20 years ago today that geocaching spread beyond the borders of the United States and became an international sport. All because one pioneering individual in Rotorua, New Zealand decided to join in the fun and bring the game to New Zealand - the first geocache outside of the US was hidden: GC45.

So today, since we couldn't all get together to celebrate, we've had a virtual party instead, to wish GC45 a happy birthday, and also announce the unveiling of a memorial plaque commemorating GC45 and its important place in the early history of our beloved sport. And you can be part of the history by helping to fund the installation of the plaque!

Check out our latest newsletter that covers the plaque, a geocoin series in tribute to GC45 and the memorial plaque, along with further discussion around NZ Mega 2020's postponement and some ways you can help out the NZ Mega Team from wherever you are in the world. Stay safe!